Health and Fitness Gift Baskets perfect for that Active retiree


Is someone in the workplace office or someone who is close to the set to retire in the near future and you are looking for ideas about what to get him? Try health and fitness theme gift basket. There are hundreds of different varieties of baskets that can be done on the budget, gender, individual, general likes and dislikes, and where one lives. Part of the gifts can be serious and the rest can be gag gifts. Here we will try to provide some different ideas for both men and women that can be neatly fit in a gift basket.

Gift Basket Themes

1. Golf Lovers Basket

There may be a bit cliché, but the vast majority of retired people believe playing a lot of golf and golf driving range or golf course membership gift would fit perfectly in the gift basket. It can be the center piece of golfing theme gift baskets which could include golf gloves, tees, balls, shoes and other golf related items you can think of. For gag can get the DVD Dwarf Golf or all used items in the basket before giving real basket.

2. Exercise or Fitness Theme

Many say they want to practice more than eight do not have time or they do not want to spend money. If you think your retiree would be interested in physical mobility center can gift basket of gift cards gym and then take away the excuse. You can include weight lifting gloves, practice clothes, protein and nutritional bars, vitamin, head bands and other products as the gym going. Again, laughing you can personalize a t-shirt, towel, large supply of sports cream for all aches and pains, make funny any practice or whatever else you can think of it was funny.

If a gym membership is not ideal but you think you would want to exercise can still make a gift basket and gear it more towards exercises that can be done at home. Some exercise videos (P90X or Turbo Jam for example), exercise bands, weighted gloves aerobics, yoga mat, exercise cloths, different drinks and food skills, small weights, roller blades, running, and so on. The composition or themes are truly endless. Again, for fun can include funny videos, exercise for “never though of beginning” guide, a fun list of do’s and don’ts and fun list of motivational quotes.

3. Day Spa Theme

For the person who needs to relax and be taken cared by sending them to a spa day so they can get that much needed massage, acupuncture therapy and aroma therapy. The basket can include some soft Nature music, candles, lotions and oils, massage tools, foot soaker, face cream and anything else that will go with the theme. The mockery that can be created with this you can get in a hurry crude, but funny labels on lotions, creative titles manuals, hair growing products, toe jam doctors, and so on. As I said, this could get funny so have fun with it.

4. Sports and Recreational themes

A lot of people are fanatical about a particular sport, so you can do a football theme gift basket including the target of the game, or tennis player buy racket. Where I live people nuts for the Ohio State Buckeyes so buying a golf bag with Brutus the Buckeye side, or a football jersey with his or her name on the back would go a long way. To get to laugh to buy something that is totally irrelevant sport like table tennis ball player or soccer ball basketball fan. A big gag is to make a basket of rival sports products, but keep it cheap because most of it will never see the light of day.


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