PHCS Health Insurance Quotes, Plans, and Company Review


When looking for health insurance it is very important to keep in mind that there are many companies out there that will try offering you the best prices for your needs. However, not all of them are known all around the United States and not all of them offer you the same benefits. One of the many companies offering coverage in the continental United States is Private Health Care Systems best known as PHCS. They are the primary national PPO network and care management product of the company MultiPlan.

Before talking about PHSC it's important to know a little bit more about the parent company. MultiPlan was founded in 1970 and is the oldest and largest of independent, network-based cost management solutions. They have more than half a million health care providers that service an estimated 40 million consumers. To top it all of the estimated millions of consumers have about 70 million claims that are processed through MultiPlan's networks each year. How about that for a health insurance option?

On the other hand Private Health Care Systems (Owned by MultiPlan as said before) has the largest proprietary preferred provider (PPO) organization in all the United States. With about 450,000 members attending one of the 4,000 facilities PHCS members have access to a variety of providers around the United States. They are also the first and only propriety network to earn five endorsements due to quality from two nationally recognized quality assurance organizations, URAC and the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

PHCS 'job is to contact their providers in order for them to allow their network member to visit them at lower costs. The network also has something referred to as a "High network retention rate" which means that once a customer selects a Primary Care Physician (PCP) that doctor will remain available all through their health plan. Most of the people that are members of this great network include large employers such as companies and enterprises, commercial insurance carriers, regional managed cared organizations and third party administrators. The PHCS network offers the following to its members:

National Access with Excellent Cost Savings: No matter where the members are, they offer a variety of services from coast to coast. You can contact them at (866) 750-7427 to see how much they can save you in health care costs.

PHCS Healthy Directions: Eliminates the need of having an HMO, PPO or POS because it pays full charges for services when a member travels or goes to school outside the coverage area. As a member you will be able to have freedom in order for you to choose a provider from within the national network, to lower your out of pocket costs for members with providers in the PHCS Network, and to call a toll free number in your ID card for provider information.

Quality: PHCS did not just link a variety of little networks and pierce them together, instead they created a national network that allows them to credential and re-credential their providers to maintain good quality healthcare.

Private Health Care Systems is a care management company as well as network based insurance. PHCS is the second largest independent care management company functioning in the United States today. Their care management specialists review any patients' cases to make certain that patients receive the best treatment available as well as giving them freedom to from a variety of options that nest suit their unique utilization review needs. You are able to employ this care management system in the area of ​​your business where it will make the biggest impact. PHCS Core Plan includes the following utilization management products, however, is important to keep in mind that you can add some supplemental products that will be discussed below in addition to the Core Value ones.

Core Value Plan:
1. Concurrent Review
2. Certification
3. Discharge Planning

Additional Supplemental Modules that can be purchased:
1. Chiropractic Review
2. Selective CT / MRI Review
3. Podiatry Review
4. Outpatient Rehabilitation Review


Source by James J. Robinson

The Famous Adage "Health Is Wealth"


Everyone is familiar with the famous adage "health is wealth", but few actually understand its complexities as a perception. Health is about the state of a person's body, that it is free from injury, illness and pain. If you dig deeper into the topic, you will discover that it's mainly about physical and mental fitness. Both these concepts are strongly correlated, hence should be comprehended meticulously if one wants to live a healthy life.

Physical health:

The meaning of physical well being varies from one individual to another. For some, it's the potential to engage in different activities, whereas for others it's more about looking and feeling good. Staying in good physical health is something most people want to achieve, but it's not that straightforward as it may sound.

Becoming healthier physically does not have to be resentful or difficult either, but you have to take a realistic approach and move beyond your comfort-zone to practice healthy habits. The common trait that hale and hearty individuals share is their ardor to pick up good habits and persevere with them.

The first step is always the hardest! You need to be dedicated and use your willpower to overcome the initial hurdle. Things will become easier once you cross the "first step impediment" successfully. Although, it has been found that even after completing the first step effectively, many fail to carry the zeal into the next level. This is because most people expect positive results overnight.

Do not try to become Arnold Schwarzenegger in a single day. Rather, set your goals and break them down into small steps so that you can accomplish them easily on a daily basis. The initial triumph will boost your confidence level, which will push you further to achieve more. Bear in mind that confidence produces success! Eat right, relieve stress, exercise regularly and sleep tight to start feeling good and relaxed physically in no time.

Mental health:

Mental health is as vital as physical fitness and should not be neglected. The key to a fit, energetic, vigorous, and in-shape body is a healthy and active brain. No matter how fit and strong you are physically, if your brain is not functioning well, things are not easy for you. The human brain resembles the fertile loam where everything nurtures. Being mentally unfit means getting involved in anxiety, depression, or other psychological and physical issues.

Do not misinterpret the concept; read between the lines. Factors like loss, change and disappointment are an integral part of everyone's life. People who are mentally sick generally lose the ability to cope with the tough phases, whereas individuals with healthy brain can easily extricate the challenges thrown at them.

Unless you are born with any mental disability, you can keep your brain healthy and active throughout your life by doing simple things. Feed your brain properly and stay physically active to be mentally fit and sound. Experts suggest that the activities that dare the human brain usually keep it stimulated.

For example, you can train your mind by doing logic puzzles, studying, solving crossword puzzles, playing challenging games like chess, and learning new languages. By continuously challenging the brain, it is able to create new nerve pathways. Studies have shown that new nerve-pathways are good for mental health.

Complete fitness:

Remember, unlike wines, the human body does not really get better with the course of time. If you want to live a happy life, you must try to stay fit and healthy. No doubt that early obstacle will strive to push you back, but with the strong desire and resolution you can ultimately achieve your goals. Keeping your body and mind fit is not as complicated as it sounds; just take the first step forward; everything else will follow.


Source by Mazhar Andalib

Health Benefits Of Green Vegetables


Adding green vegetables to your daily meal plate is the most effective and the simplest way to improve your overall health. Because a diet rich in green vegetables can help to protect you from a number of diseases such as heart related problems, cancer, skin etc. And can also slow down your body's aging process.

Some benefit of having green vegetables

As long as they are prepared in a healthy way, there are numerous benefits of leafy green vegetables and some of them are listed below-

Weight Management

Green vegetables are not only low in fat and calories, but also rich in fiber. And fiber is an important nutrient for weight management because it controls your hunger feeling and keeps your stomach full.

Good for your heart

Leafy vegetables are good for your heart since they are rich in dietary fiber, rich in vitamin c, rich in folic acid, magnesium, potassium and also contain a number of phytochemicals.

Good for diabetic patients

Leafy vegetables are high in magnesium content and have low glycemic index making them valuable for individual having type 2 diabetics.

Green vegetables are essential for your bone health

Leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin k, makes them vital for the production of osteocalcin, which is a protein essential for bone health.

Grassy vegetables are a major source of iron and calcium

Grassy vegetables such as spinach, Broccoli, Spring Onions, etc. are a major source of iron and calcium, which are essential for a balanced diet.

They're good for your eyes

This is a common fact, which all must be aware of that fresh green vegetables are rich in vitamin A, a vitamin good for your eyes. They also contain antioxidants such as zeaxanthin, vitamin c, and lutein, which help to reduce the risk of eye diseases cataracts and macular degeneration

Leafy vegetables contain a lot of water

They contain a lot of water, which keeps you hydrated and contributes to beautiful skin.

In, repairing of your body's tissue

Leafy vegetables that contain beta carotene, contributes to the repair and growth of your body's tissues

Improves your overall mood

They are an excellent source of folate, which contributes to the production of serotonin in the body. And serotonin is a chemical that improves your mood.

Last words of advice

Yes, it is true that leafy vegetables offer numerous health benefits, but there are certain demerits which can not be overlooked. For example, if you are taking regular doses of blood thinner medicines, then it is better to consult your doctor before deciding on the intake of dark green vegetables.


Source by Akshay Puri

Better Natural Vision superfood Super Eye Health – red cabbage


Nutrition and eye health are connected, for example, more dark green vegetables that you consume regularly, the more benefit you get in terms of improving visual health. Although we are accustomed to thinking of common foods to improve vision like carrots, broccoli and spinach, one particular food for the eyes that do not always come to mind is red cabbage. Red cabbage is a superfood with cancer fighting properties. It provides the body with overall health coverage with a wide range of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Vitamin content reaches Vitamins A, C, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and thiamine, including minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium, to name a few. Red cabbage also nutritional coverage improves eye health. Therefore, if you are interested in eye foods for a better view, which also provide important benefits for overall health, here are some reasons that make this vegetable part of a healthy diet for better eye health

Eye Health Benefits

vitamin C: According to nutrition experts, one surprising nutritional fact about red cabbage is that it provides a greater amount of daily recommended daily allowance of vitamin C than citrus fruits , to the tune of 56 percent. In terms of eye health, the consumption of these nutrients contributes not only to better view the development of cataracts cut by a third. This is because the eye lens requires vitamin C to eliminate free radicals that have been caused by direct exposure to sunlight.

Vitamin A: This is a nutrient that is important to improve vision and protect eye health. In terms of nutritional coverage of eye health, one cup of chopped red cabbage consists of 33% of the recommended daily payments to A. Vitamin According to nutrition experts, nutrition discussion of these nutrients is divided into three different parts: lutein, zeaxanthin and beta carotene. Vitamin A plays a role in protecting the surface of the eyes and mucous membranes to provide the eye with the immune defense against bacteria, viruses and eye infections. Lutein and zeaxanthin protect the retina from free radicals and cut the risk of age-related vision problems related macular degeneration.

General Health Benefits

Better Digestion: According to health experts, the cabbage has healing properties that help to prevent stomach ulcers. The validated scientific cabbage in the form of cabbage juice consumed each day for a period of 3 weeks, healed ulcer. This is because phytonutrient healing compounds in cabbage juice strengthen the gastric mucosa. The fiber content of red cabbage also enhance the performance of the digestive system for better elimination.

Cancer Prevention: The red pigment in red cabbage is derived from the flavonoid which is a powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent certain types of cancer. These cancer fighting properties help to stop cancer cells and repair the damage done to the body of carcinogens (toxins).

promotes weight loss: When used as part of a well balanced diet, it can help in weight loss. This is because it is low in calories and also consists of a good source of fiber that leaves you feeling full. Ultimately, if protect precious sight is the goal, the red cabbage is a good food choice for stronger and healthier vision.Finally, as part of a balanced diet, it provides nutritional support in all areas of health vital interest and concern for you.


Source by Joel Travers King

Connecting With Target Market Holistic Health Professionals


For those operating a business as a holistic therapist or service provider, you ought to consider where you are allotting money in your valuable marketing budget. Every company, even those operating under the guidance of the spirit, can benefit from proper marketing campaign that connects you to your target market.

target audience Holistic Health

Do you advertise to your target market? For that matter, you have identified the demographics that make up your ideal customer?

If you want to succeed in healing your business, you will be marketing to a certain percentage of the population that are a) that they can change their situation, b) willing to make improvements in their lives, and c) willing to pay for help.

ideal person is 25-55 years old woman, who is open-minded, health-oriented, and well educated. How often are ad campaigns achieve this perfect person? Based on common practice in holistic health industry, there is a high percentage chance that you are overwhelmed marketing to other healers and holistic health practitioners.

Connect target market

If you want to run a successful practice, you will constantly attract new customers. Here are some basic tips to help you connect with the part of the population that is considered your target market.

  1. Word-of-mouth will always be an excellent source of new business because existing customers are sharing positive experiences with their peers. Reward your customers to make a reference.
  2. Stop marketing other healers in net Groups. colleagues will support you, and may possibly pass information along to their customers, but overwhelming, this is a waste of effort and money on your part.
  3. Unless you form an alliance healers and professionals who are cross-promote each other’s company. Increased visibility of fresh eyes expands reach to individuals who are already interested in improving their health.
  4. offer discounts through alliance healers to tempt their clients to at least give the service a try.
  5. Connect network that is committed to advertising to your target market.
  6. Share promotional materials around hospitals, doctors offices and other facilities health.

As a holistic health practitioner, one of the main goals is to help others improve their lives. approach to business is a little different than the typical model, but it does not mean that you avoid taking steps to building capacity. The time it takes to connect with the target market should be considered an investment in the future of the company.


Source by Janet Louise

Penis Health: Exercises to do with Partner


Men’s health in general is important; even more so the health and welfare of his favorite tool. And just as the exercises are essential in maintaining overall health, as are targeted training necessary to properly maintain penis health. But full body workout can be burdensome for some, exercising the penis can be a lot of fun – especially when “workout buddy” is added into the mix.

Exercises to try

“Use it or lose it” rule is applicable to the penis; some people may find that simply taking part in any kind of sex the whole exercise organ needs. But take more targeted approach in terms of exercise can not only help to keep the Phallus in shape, but also provide bonding experience with your partner. With that in mind, here are some two-on-one (that is, two men in one penis) exercises to consider.

– tape it. Many people often “ edge” when masturbation – that is, they masturbate until they are very close to ejaculation, then stop for a few moments. After the impulse has subsided, they masturbate near break again – then stop again. Repeat this helps to build stamina, and some guys can edge for hours before ejaculating. So why not try to include the spouse involved in? Mate can stimulate in any way they want – manual, oral or penetrative – and at the price they want. The man needs to only give enough notice to stop.

– Timing it. Many partners want husband to last a little longer, and this exercise can help in that area. Partners set a minimum goal to keep from ejaculating – say, fifteen minutes. At that time, the company provides stimulate attention to the penis, but without letting the man out. The inducing it must pass, let your partner know when to slow down, when to stop for a moment, what is good and what is not, etc. This exercise is good for your penis and good communication and knowledge sharing, as well.

– Doubling it. Associate arrows penis as intensely as possible, with the aim to establish ejaculation as fast as possible. Once orgasm is over, the company engages in another round of stimulation, but stretch it out to see how long it takes for the second out.

– avoid it. All this emphasis on stimulate the penis is great – but do not neglect the areas around it. One fun exercise for partners to see what reaction they can get attention from testis, the crotch around the penis, perineum and posterior. Stimulating these sensitive areas can indirectly work out the penis.

– using a light touch. “Death take” are common when masturbation, but they can be de-sensitizing. For a change, ask your partner to stimulate your penis with just a light touch. After reaching an erection, partners should avoid fast. Instead, they should blow the organ, flick it with your fingertips or a silk scarf run back and forth over it.

– Topping off. For most men, underside of the penis is more sensitive than the top. For a change of pace, ask partners to focus almost exclusively on the top of the penis will create a new sensory organ and give slightly different kind workout.

Exercises, especially with a partner, you can get the blood flowing in masculinity and maintain proper penis health. Of course, any exercise routine also brings about some tenderness, and it may be true in this case, as well. Use of regular first call is free. Penis Health Creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is necessary to keep the pain at bay. Re-hydrating penis, especially after a very difficult session, can be achieved by using crème that contains both high end softening (Shea butter is great) and natural hydrator (vitamin E, for example). A crème with L-arginine, an enzyme that helps keep blood vessels open, can help with penis blood flow as well, which speeds up the recovery.


Source by John Dugan

Delicious food good for eyes – The Eye Health Benefits of walnuts


When it comes to snacking you would probably agree that it is difficult to find food that is not only tasty but healthy at the same time. However, this statement is not necessarily true in all cases. For example, when it comes to eye health, if you are looking for a snack that meets these criteria, Walnuts are a good choice. If you’ve ever wondered whether Walnuts are good for eyes, here are some benefits of walnuts for a better view:

Rich Omega 3 fatty acids: These eye assessment consists of a higher level of Omega 3 fatty acids than other nuts. For example, a number of scientific research studies have indeed shown that Omega 3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of age-related eye diseases such as macular degeneration. Eye doctors recommend a diet consisting of Omega 3 fatty acids such as this is a good way to support eye health.

Rich antioxidant content: nutritionist Rebecca Katz of “Longevity Kitchen Magazine” said, “An ounce for ounce walnuts have twice as many antioxidants than other nuts.” The study was presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society where scientists showed analyzes support this conclusion. Researcher Joe Vinson, PhD, who conducted the analysis says: “walnuts position above peanuts, almonds, pecans, pistachios and regular nuts Vinson found that the quality and effectiveness of antioxidants in walnuts were higher than other nuts but revealed that the reason people don. ‘T eat enough of them is that they think that they are fattening. He revealed that the kind of fat found in walnuts is not artery clogging type of saturated fat, but healthy kind of fat called monounsaturated fats that actually supports cardiovascular health.

Eye Support vitamins and nutrients This evaluation to improve vision, consisting of vitamin E in the case of vitamin E, studies have indicated that the benefits of this nutrient in terms of slowing the Cataract development.

Walnuts consist of zinc and selenium also. these are important antioxidants that play an important role in terms of protecting eyes from the negative effects of free radicals that cause damage to cells of the eye. From this point of view, they are useful in the prevention of age-related visual disorders.

With regard to the part, nutritionists recommend eating a handful of walnuts a day to promote heart health and also overall health. Therefore, from the perspective of general health, here are some benefits of walnuts view:

Eat a handful of walnuts a day not only protects eye health, but interestingly, the health experts identified the weight loss benefits associated with eating this healthy snacks. It’s really useful in helping you to maintain or lose weight. A lot of interest in the medical community has focused on the fact that eating walnuts in moderation, every day, can actually improve cholesterol and triglycerides thereby supporting cardiovascular health.

Find healthy food that is not only good for the eyes, but pleases the taste buds do not have to be a challenging task after all. By integrating a handful of walnuts in the diet, daily, you give your eyes antioxidant protection against age-related vision disorders. By doing this you are also improving your overall health in areas related to the promotion of good cholesterol, better heart health and even weight loss. Ultimately, when it comes to eating to support eye health and overall health, it turns out that snacking with walnuts turns out to be a great healthy snack alternative.


Source by Joel Travers King

What is mental illness and what is Sound Mental Health?


A mental illness is a psychological change in the function of your invasion absurdity of your anti-conscience conscience. Depending on how much anti-conscience manages to destroy the conscience, insanity will have one symptom or another, but all mental illnesses are generated by the same demon.

When you eliminate evil through consciousness, you tend to be tormented by mental health problems, and you become more intelligent and sensitive. dreams help you eliminate the demon existent in your anti-conscience by helping you gain consciousness.

You understand mistakes and failures of the world. You understand what is good and bad. You understand why you will always be calm, and many other things that today ignore or disregard.

A scientist would not feel comfortable declaring that all mental disorders are equipped with Satan, covering the largest part of the brain, and this is why we obedience to God’s guidance in our dreams. This information has no scientific elements, even though there is scientific truth that can easily be verified by many ways, as I already showed you in various sectors.

These data seem to be only religious, but it can be scientifically explained when we translate the meaning of dreams according to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, I simplified and clarified after finishing his studies.

Everyone dreams help you eliminate ridiculous and badly your anti-conscience, by showing you how you can develop intelligence based on goodness and wisdom. You learn how to organize your thoughts and behavior control. This is how you will definitely stop mental illness and become wise and sensitive human being.

The fact that we have inherited primitive conscience that has satanic qualities in the biggest part of our brain is a tragedy. I’m sorry I had to discover this truth.

Would that we were perfect beings and we did not have to be changed, but this is not the case.

Unfortunately, we are badly with tiny human conscience that needs to be developed. There are more than many of satanic symptoms in our behavior, and our world is characterized by terrorism, immorality, violence, poverty, hypocrisy and indifference. We are as cruel and Roman gladiators.

In order to stop having mental problems and find sound mental health that lasts forever, we have to reach the weekend.

This is a difficult process, but God help us all the way with the information he gives us in our dreams and the lessons that we have in our faith.

You must stop considering the plans to achieve sanctity as if it was too hard because it is essential to maintain your spiritual health.

You have the privilege to learn what I could discover that I trust God’s guidance in my dreams. This information is scientific because my dreams were translated according to the scientific method Carl Jung’s dream interpretation, even if the message contained in these dreams can not be confirmed, given the demands of science today.


Source by Christina Sponias

Simple rules for personal health and hygiene


Have you been following the program for personal hygiene, or you get up in the morning, take a bath, brush and blow dry hair, use the bathroom in through the day, and go to sleep at night? If you make only the latter, you need to put more planning and preparation into your personal care and grooming.

Cleanliness is considered nowadays as next to godliness, and neglect of personal hygiene can cause health and social problems that you are not even aware. Bad breath, for example, is a common problem – the perpetrator is often accused of it, but he or she may not attend. Problems like dandruff are excusable, but good looks are usually the result of great care and attention paid to personal grooming. You should put some time and effort into it if you want to feel and look your best every day.

All external parts of the body need time and attention. Below is a partial list of body parts that you should be taking care of a trim schedule. Here are some tips on how to meet the common and ordinary daily grooming needs.


First of all, keep your hair length and style that you can properly maintain the normal manner at all times. Wash your crowning glory at least twice a week, use a mild shampoo lack borax or alkalis. It is not a good idea to use soap, as it can leave a fine film of stickiness in her hair. Shampoo is meant to wash completely out of your hair. Be sure and thoroughly towel dry your hair after you wash it, and be careful with the blow dryer. You do not want your hair to become too dry and brittle. Especially if you have long or thick hair, brush it three to four times a day, with a soft bristled brush or wide toothed comb. Be sure to wash your hair grooming tools every time you wash your hair. And oil your scalp with grooming oil once a week, preferably one hour before you wash it. A hot oil treatment is fine – if you know what you are doing.

is not recommended Hair coloring or dye, as no current dyes have been found to be quite safe for long-term use. They contain chemicals that can seep into your scalp and even cause premature hair loss. So we do not recommend hair dye if possible. Also, try not to wear a hat for a very long time. It has also been shown wearing hats to cause premature hair loss. Redheads need to be particularly concerned, as they are subject to early hair loss.


good bath once or twice a day is essential for cleanliness and good grooming. You should always bathe after any physical activities. Mild soaps are best, and you do not use disinfectant or antiseptic soap unless you have a medical or “click-ness” problem. Bath brushes, bath sponge and mildly abrasive scrubbers are recommended. You must also pay special attention to your genitals and anal area, the lack of care paid to them can lead to serious infections – as well as inadequate sex. Wash yourself well after washing, and be sure to use a dry and clean towel to dry yourself properly. Do not ever share towels, try not to share bathing equipment, and wash all equipment after each bath. Put a teaspoon of bleach in one gallon of warm water, rinse bathing equipment in water, and then under warm running water. And always changed to completely clean underwear after each bath.

There is good use of fine organic moisturizing oil or cream every day, especially as you get older. Put it on at night to avoid the sticky feeling, and so do not attract dust and dirt movies all day.


brush your teeth two to three times each day, or after a meal or snack as needed. It is important especially to brush bedtime. Pay attention to get rid of food particles stuck between the teeth. Flossing is highly recommended over toothpicks for this. You only need about a pea-sized dab of toothpaste on a toothbrush. When brushing, brush down on the upper teeth and brush up on the lower teeth, using a circular motion. Also, brush the inner and outer surface of the teeth, and before you brush each time, carefully brush your tongue.

toothbrush should never be shared with anyone. It should have resilient bristles, and it should be well rinsed and left somewhere completely paint to dry after each use. Try to use organic toothpaste, one that is completely safe and free harsh abrasives or strong antiseptics. Baking soda has proved very effective substitute for toothpaste, if you do not mind its strong flavor.


You should always be to wash your hands. There is no such thing as too often. Use a good hand cream if they become dry. Pay attention to your nails when you wash your hands. A good nail brush placed near the bathroom sink is a sound investment. Use soap every time you wash, and always wash before and after meals – and after going to the bathroom. Many infections such as E. coli are caused every day by people who do not wash their hands after going to the bathroom. You should also keep washing your hands while preparing meals.


nails completely replace the five to six months. You need to keep them well trimmed, and preferably buffed and polished too. Men can buff their nails and use a nail shining tool instead of polish give their nails a healthy glow. Women can, of course, polish their nails with beautiful colors, which can include discoloration that comes with age. Clip your nails to the length you want them, but not always cut too close to the skin. If your nails chip easily, consider adding more protein in the diet, as finger and toenails are made of protein. Eating gelatin can work for this.

very brittle, highly yellow or discolored nails can be a sign of serious illness. Please see your doctor immediately if you have this. Also, do not always keep your nails painted with polish. This can lead to stripping of the natural keratin in nails. Also, either go out or give yourself a home manicure and pedicure once every two weeks. Be sure and buy a very good manicure kit for this purpose.


Many do not care whatsoever own feet, usually at their expense. Always keep your toenails clipped, shaping the nails but do not cut too close to the skin. Always give your feet a good scrubbing with a pumice stone or mildly abrasive brush when taking a bath, and before you put on socks, dry well between the toes of your. Try wearing a clean pair of cotton socks every day; this will pamper your feet and keep them dry and not smelly. Powder your feet after taking a bath. Try not to wear the same pair of shoes every day, and alternate wearing shoes your pairs. And be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Comfort and safety should come before stylishness. High heels can lead to a shortening of important calf muscles.


underarm you do not smell until you hit your preteens. It is when the apocrine glands of yours, which are located under your arms and around your genitals, begin to work, producing a milky, oily type of perspiration. Bacteria then thrive in this sweat, causing the familiar underarm odor.

To control strong odors, you can wash daily with an antibacterial soap like Lever 2000. You should always wear clean clothes without dyeing and perspiration. Use deodorant is also antiperspirant, which will dry out the moisture in the armpits. Cut back on caffeine your consumption-it sets apocrine glands into overdrive. After the bath, dust yourself liberally with a fine talcum powder. Always drink plenty of water, both to flush the system of toxins and to regulate your bowels. This alone can end some problems you may have with “click-ness.”


Getting a “healthy tan” is not considered to be healthy longer. Now doctors are telling us that you should not mind pale skin. Skin cancer, which is often fatal, is not a fair trade for a good look. When sunning, protect fair skin with at least SPF 30 sunscreen lotion. Keep your skin oiled and moisturized during the summer, and do not bother with “bronze look.”


Around puberty, your hair follicles respond to hormones raging in your body. You may end up with hair around the navel, on the back, near the breast and both women and men, on the upper lip. If it is especially coarse, show your doctor, as you may have a treat hormonal imbalance. Some such “Peach Fuzz” is normal for girls, and if it seems unsightly to you, you can try bleaching or remove it. Nair is known to be gentle permanent hair removal.

I hope you found these simple rules to be helpful to you. If you follow your own careful grooming and personal care plan, you will feel better, look more attractive, and probably live longer, happier and more productive lives.


Source by Karen S Cole

Health and Spirituality


The special group of WHO Board on the revision of the Constitution proposed that the preamble be amended to read (World Health Organization (1997) Review of the Constitution. .., EU 10 1 / 7, bls.2)

“Health is a dynamic state of physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

in January 1998, the Commission endorsed the proposal Special Group and adopted resolution EC 10 1.R2 measure the World Health Assembly to change the preamble of the Constitution accordingly (World Health Organization (1998) Executive Board 101 meeting, resolutions and decisions, EB101.1998 / REC / l, p.52-53)

in 2005, the Bangkok Charter for health Promotion in a globalized world transfer “a positive and inclusive concept of health as a determinant of quality of life and takes mental and spiritual well-being.”

From the first definition of the WHO – “health is lack of illness “, and we have come a long way. And this is certainly the right time because after a long period of science and discovery, the world is fast entering a new era that is feeling lost for lack of wholesome answers to many questions in their physical domain.

Especially as regards health and disease, we can only continue to a certain extent and then we draw blank. There are breakthrough drugs and super talented surgeons and children still die young, children are born with defects, organs cease to function before their expiry dates and other healthy people lose their memory. This is in addition to numerous mental disorders that are baffling experts around the world while using the trial and error method to “fix” it. And we are in the 21st century !!

Can you really claim to have understood the human body and its process of reproduction? Some may swear by genetics have acquired all the knowledge I have always one questionnaire You know certain genetic programming leads to certain actions and others determine the placement of organs in the body and other information, however, who made this super intelligent genetic code in the first place? I mean it is far beyond the expanse of the word “Amazing!” Baby born human person with all systems and Microsystems in exactly the same place with exactly the same function for ages together !!! The system makes it happen or did it happen in the first place can not be random “Big Bang” !! No, it was not a random happening not just men but thousands of creatures living earth with perfect genetic programming and a perfect place in the ecosystem and each one with perfect intelligence in the art of living !!

There had to be a superpower and Spirituality is the recognition of this empire constructed tiniest of creatures with their perfection and with a purpose.

The purpose and connection superpower makes us all spiritual beings have been given the human body to experience challenges and learn the very essence of life.
Many diseases are forms of these challenges that come to us with some lessons. Many studies are now available as energy healing and faith healing techniques dramatically cure or at least improve the quality of life in patients with intractable and life-threatening diseases. Most of these methods work with emotional work. Many diseases have been cured with the issue of negative energy trapped due to prolonged unresolved issues sometimes can be traced even earlier life.

Experts from various fields of science around the world have experienced a positive effect spiritual healing in their patients and that includes the American psychiatrist Brian Weiss, who has done ground breaking work in past life regression and regression therapy.

This is no way to share the role of medicine, however, need to understand that there are things beyond their physical determine our quality and our health while considering treatment one needs to look no further than spread more.

Today the whole health-care are over-loaded with work so little or no time to understand the needs of the patient as a person. Particularly in patients with chronic diseases and terminal illness suffer much more beyond the physical incapability and pain. There is emotional pain over the loss of health, family disturbances, pain of dependence, financial burden and much more that needs to be addressed as much as physical illness.

In this era of specialization, there is hardly any consideration of the patient as a person … he’s kidney, heart, a lung … but suffer is not kidney or heart, it is a person who is also far more than organs, he feelings, needs and feelings. Plus, a disease called self awakening, spiritual needs are greatest. In the absence of one to cater to these needs are diseases spread from physical to mental to emotional to the spiritual realms.

The man has a lot of science has given us a lot, but our truth goes further. The famous need hierarchy theory of the great philosopher Sir Abraham Maslow speaks of the highest human need to be “transcendental self-actualization ‘While Albert Einstein, the man of science, said:” Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that the spirit shown in law of the universe-the spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face with a modest power will find our humble. “

” Unless we open this holistic definition of humanity, our questions and our efforts would always be half the prize. We all know what Einstein famously quoted, “Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind”


Source by Dr Sapna S.